Brand behaviour is normally demonstrated by the employees you as the customer must deal with, they are responsible for bringing the brand you are interested in life through their actions and convictions. As so-called ambassadors, employees have very high credibility and normally their behaviour is impressed on you as the customer, business partner, friends and acquaintances as the essence of the particular brand image – when the Behaviour and Arrogance of an employee Superceeds the Brand – take note-for this is not a short term relationship – you will during the ownership of your vehicle have to deal with the people representing a specific brand.

therefore – It is important when you are planning to buy a new or a pre-owned vehicle that you do your research and determine if you are comfortable with the Brand identity and their way of doing business.

In My Mind there is no bad Vehicle on the road – it’s all about the aftersales service and value for money – Yes Status is important for some of us and if you can afford it why not. But Most important before you get emotional about a purchase consider the following:

  • Safety of the Vehicle.
  • Maintenance and support.
  • Driving Comfort.
  • How Much time are you going to spend in your car on a daily basis?
  • The Overall Network of the brand -especially if you are travelling long distances.
  • If the Arrogance of the Staff Supersedes the Arrogance of the Brand – You might have an unpleasant journey with special reference if you need to go back to the dealer with a technical problem.
  • The honesty of the sales executive.Courteous Conduct of the staff.
  • Ask them for their Customer service Ratings – This is very important for future relationships.
Freedom - make the right Decisions